Speaking at PASS Summit 2013!

I am honored to say that have been selected to present this year.  I'll be giving a talk on my threading framework for SSIS.  Unseen Minions : Improving parallel processing in SSIS.  I am very excited and hope to see you there!

Working with Excel Destinations in SSIS - 0xC0202025, 0x80040E21

Working with Excel in SSIS is not fun and something I whole-heartedly discourage.  With that said, I had a not so uncommon issue that I thought I would blog, once I found the answer.  The issue is with writing columns of data to Excel with a width>255 characters, more specifically varchar(max).

Whenever I need to export data to Excel within SSIS I like the approach of having a blank template that I copy to a work location, fill with data, change the name and ship it off.  The issue I ran into was where I had to change a column name in one of my templates.  Upon saving the template and re-running the DataFlow Task I got the error codes above.  The complete message was as follows: