Using Variables in SSIS Script Component

I've found a technique to efficiently exchange information between a script component and the host SSIS package. I always use package level variables as I have not seen nor heard of any reason to use component level variables. I don't use the readonly/writeonly variables in the script task editor. Instead I use the following VB code:



The above code locks the sales_file variable for read and the ftp_sales variable for write. I then use the following piece of code:

Dim variablesList As Variables


The above statement takes all of the variables that we have locked for read/write and puts them into the variablesList variable. To extract a read-only variable, use the following code:

Dim SFileName As String

SFileName = variablesList("User::sales_file").Value.ToString

I can now reference SFileName throughout my script. To push a variable from within a Script Component back out to the SSIS package, I use the following code snippet:

variablesList("User::ftp_sales").Value = FTPSales

When all is said and done you need to run the following snippet:


Until you run the unlock, the variablesList prevents other packages from using these variables, even to read them. I tend to unlock them as soon as possible, so if I am simply doing reads, I unlock them as soon as the lastDts.VariableDispenser.LockForRead is issued.  If I am doing writes, then I wait until the last write is done and then unlock them.