IF-Then-Else statement in SSIS Derived Columns

 Here is another one of those rarely used and often forgotten little tidbits that hit me like a sharp tack when I sit down.

I have an input file that is fixed width and there are numerous columns that represent numbers, but the text files are coming from an old publishing program known as VISTA. This system, I believe runs on ISAM files (yeah that old). The output of these files is odd, because if you have a negative number, it is represented as such 3.75-, whereas a positive is 3.75. SQL Server 2005 doesn't appreciate 3.75- as an integer so when importing with SSIS I used a conditional statement within a derived column.

SSIS, Raw Files and Local IO

 Our architecture places SSIS packages on their own servers, away from our SQL Servers.  This reduces contention on the sql server boxes themselves and makes the SSIS servers independent, allowing resources to be adjusted accordingly.  There are a few processes where we use SSIS 'Raw Files' to improve performance.  Originally we put the raw files on a remote file server and performance was acceptable.  The idea was floated that putting the raw files locally on the SSIS server should improve performance by reducing network traffic.